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Hi! We're Jamie and Meagan, a husband and wife team delivering your complete visual content needs in a cohesive and convenient way. We want to showcase your brand's professionalism, authority and approachability with video and photography that will elevate your website and digital marketing.

Jamie Woods – Visual Story Teller – Content Creator – Videographer – Editor

With my beginnings in audio production, it didn’t take me long to see that the key to successful business marketing was video content. The essentiality of a business website combined with the explosion of social media and other visual platforms means there is a global audience hungry for engaging content. Video is a powerful medium and I am both passionate and excited by the experiences we can create and deliver to your target audience.

Meagan Woods – Photographer – Editor – Visual Designer

Enjoying both creative expression and logical thinking, I began my career designing custom homes for people. The best part of a decade later, my interest in photography intersected with architecture and I pivoted to real estate photography and marketing content. Ultimately, it was the people I met and their stories that I loved to tell through photography. Capturing who you are and what you do  so that you can share your value and service in an authentic and memorable way.

As fellow small business owners, we understand the grind — endless tasks, navigating oversaturated markets, striving to stand out. That's precisely why we champion the art of outsourcing. It's more than just a time and money saver; it's about elevating your brand with quality content, crafted by experienced specialists, who know how to shine a spotlight on your unique story. Trust us to handle your visual content, showcasing your brand in its best light, while you focus on what you do best. Let's make your brand not just seen, but truly noticed.

Producing some educational videos for our clinic., Jamie did a fantastic job, was very professional, quick to respond and an all around pleasure to work with. Very happy with the end result. ‍
The Dermatology Clinic


I am passionate about helping my clients thrive. I work as part of the team and aim to become an ongoing trusted resource for video based customer connections.

I want to build relationships and not just be a one off service. My quality of work is important to me, but equally important is making sure we’ve delivered the right message that YOU want to reach your audience with.


We get it, things change. Our promise to get it done right never does.


Let's have fun creating videos and enjoy the experience.


We love learning about your business and creating ideas to build your brand.


If you’re going to do anything, do it properly and create the right strategy.


We’re in this together, but we will lead the way and keep it on track.


To get the best results, open honest communication is the key.


Who owns the right to my video?

You do! Your final video is just that—yours.

How long should my video be?

Audience attention spans aren’t getting any longer. For that reason, we try to keep our videos as succinct as possible—usually 30 to 120 seconds—while still conveying all the necessary information. Making something digestible means we can’t always cover every single marketing bullet point. And that’s okay. The videos we make are often meant to give viewers just enough information to entice and get them interested in taking the next step.

What is involved with getting started?

The easiest way to get started is to simply get in touch and let us know what you’re looking for. If it feels like a good fit, we’ll provide a formal proposal to show just what we can do for you. Once the proposal is approved, we’ll send along a Video Services Agreement with an initial invoice for 50% of the project total. We’ll also provide a creative brief for you to complete and then schedule our kick-off call.

How do feedback and revisions work?

Creating a video with Woods Media Lab is a team effort and collaboration is key to making something successful. We look at our clients as the end-all-be-all content experts. In turn, we ask you to trust us as the expert on video production. At each step in the process, you’ll have time and opportunities to provide essential feedback through our built-in revision process.

How long does it take?

Not to sound like a broken record, but it depends. Great, target-hitting videos take time to produce, and we don’t believe in cutting corners or sacrificing quality. On average, you can expect 10-12 weeks for production time, which includes the time required for your input, feedback and revisions. Every project and client is unique, so the time required for production does vary. Sometimes things move a lot quicker, and sometimes we may need to hit the breaks before moving forward. It all depends on how quickly we can get feedback, how many revisions you request, and the overall complexity of the project

What is the typical production process?

You’ll complete a thorough creative brief and talk it through on a discovery call. After that, we'll brainstorms creative ways to tell your story. Then we’ll present up to three concepts for you to choose from. Sometimes, one killer idea gets explored in-depth with a full treatment. With the concept approved, we’ll write your script and follow it up with a storyboard. And depending on the type of project—we’ll dive directly into production.

How much does a typical video cost?

Cost depends on a variety of factors including video length, style, and complexity. To give you a general idea, a single, custom Corporate video typically runs between $5,000-$7,500, while a TVC starts around $15,000. Looking to produce a series of videos? Love it! We’re always ready to discuss package  to consolidate costs and get more value out of the content.

What type of videos do we offer?

Simply put, if you need a video, we can make it happen. We have the know-how and experience to produce branding videos, TV spots, explainer videos, company story videos, customer testimonials, demo videos, and more. We want to be your video production partner to grow your brand and build a great customer experience.

Why work with Woods Media Lab?

Because you need more than just a video, you need a partner. We work with you directly, developing ideas and video concepts tailored to suit your specific needs. Not sure what you need? We’ll figure it out together. Our videos tell stories, educate customers, simplify the complex, and humanize brands. We love clever concepts and head-turning styles, but we know a great video needs more. From the first meeting to the final file, we’re fully focused on your business objectives and ensuring your content delivers results.

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