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Walk viewers through a specific task or process, to learn at their own pace.
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Tutorial videos are instructional guides that walk viewers through a specific task or process, focusing on teaching them how to do something step-by-step. These videos cover a wide range of topics, including technology, crafts, cooking, beauty, and more. Tutorial videos are generally more informal and accessible, aiming to help viewers learn practical skills or complete specific projects. They often provide detailed explanations, visual demonstrations, and tips to guide viewers through the process effectively.

Having tutorial videos in a business is important for various reasons. Firstly, tutorial videos serve as valuable resources that empower customers or clients to understand and effectively use products or services. By providing clear step-by-step instructions and demonstrations, tutorial videos help users overcome challenges, answer common questions, and maximize the value they derive from the offerings. Secondly, tutorial videos can reduce the strain on customer support teams by addressing frequently asked questions and common issues. When customers can find answers to their queries through tutorial videos, it frees up support staff to focus on more complex or specialised matters. Lastly, tutorial videos can contribute to building a positive brand image by showcasing the business's commitment to customer success and satisfaction. When users have access to informative and helpful tutorial videos, they are more likely to have a positive experience, leading to increased loyalty and advocacy, thus referring your business to all their friends and family.

Jamie did a great job putting together a promotional video for us to use on Social Media. After giving him the brief, he got straight to work on it. The whole process was really easy and the result was awesome. Thanks again Jamie!
Clinton Bailey

The Dermatology Clinic

The Dermatology Clinic wanted to streamline the customers experience that saved time for both the customers and staff. We created a tutorial video that explained the process of the light therapy treatment and what they needed to do on arrival, during and after the treatment. The tutorial was a simple but a very effective video delivered in multiple languages to cater for the diverse cultures.

It will also be easy to update when equipment and procedures are updated.

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