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Training videos are designed to teach specific skills, procedures, or processes to a targeted audience. They are often used in corporate or professional settings to train employees or contractors to enhance their knowledge in a particular area or process. Training videos are highly focused on practical, job-related tasks and typically have a narrower scope than other types of videos. They aim to provide hands-on guidance, often using demonstrations, simulations, or interactive elements to help learners acquire specific skills and knowledge needed for their roles or to complete tasks.

Using training videos is important for several reasons. First, training videos provide a consistent and standardised way of delivering information to employees or contractors. They ensure that everyone receives the same content, regardless of location or time. Second, training videos allow for self-paced learning, enabling individuals to access the materials at their convenience and revisit them as needed. This flexibility saves time and eliminates the need for scheduling and coordinating live training sessions. Third, visual and interactive elements in training videos enhance engagement and information retention, leading to more effective learning outcomes. Moreover, training videos can be easily updated or modified to reflect changes in processes or procedures, ensuring that the content remains current and relevant. Overall, training videos streamline the training process, improve knowledge transfer, and ultimately save time for businesses and learners alike.

Jamie did a great job putting together a promotional video for us to use on Social Media. After giving him the brief, he got straight to work on it. The whole process was really easy and the result was awesome. Thanks again Jamie!
Clinton Bailey


Greenzone provides a new product that is used as a pest/insect barrier for new home builds. This product is different from the industry standard, and therefor training videos was an integral part to educate their clients on safe handling and installation procedures. This not only saved them time, clients got comfortable with the product quickly and avoided mis-communication for the installation process.

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