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Increased brand awareness and customer loyalty, that is engaging, memorable & has an emotional connection.
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A company story or branded video have a slightly different focus, but they share similar attributes. They aim to showcase the brand in a way that resonates with the target audience, often incorporating storytelling, engaging visuals, and emotional connections that strengthen the brand's presence and also foster a deeper connection with consumers. Often, it’s like creating a mini-documentary that informs and entertains.
By inviting viewers into the companies journey, this not only helps gain more customers, but builds loyalty and longevity with your brand. Viewers also gain a better understanding of what makes your company unique and what it stands for.

Some key benefits are:
Brand Awareness, Brand Differentiation, Emotional Connection, Brand loyalty, Consumer Engagement, Trust and Credibility & Viral Potential.

When used strategically, these videos have enormous potential to open new doors for your business and can be incorporated into almost any type of marketing plan. With a company story or branded video, you can achieve more than just raising awareness – you will also be engaging people on an emotional level.

Jamie did a great job putting together a promotional video for us to use on Social Media. After giving him the brief, he got straight to work on it. The whole process was really easy and the result was awesome. Thanks again Jamie!
Clinton Bailey

Top Notch Coating

In this documentary style company video, we invited viewers to share Top Notch Coating's story, who are a family run painting business, that has built a strong brand and reputation over the years.

This longer format video touches on the history, struggles, life lessons and growth for the family business, that not only connects emotionally with viewers, but is also relatable for many other small businesses who share a similar story.

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